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Cellular Universe

Sculpture & Installation

2003 to 2005

In 1999 when I was 20y, my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I was at art school at the time trying to develop my "world view" - the position from which I would create art. Simultaneously, several of my friends had begun having children. I couldn't help but reflect on the human cell as both as a vehicle of creation and destruction. Mitosis and metastasis.

This work explores repeating patterns of cellular structures as well as microscopic and macroscopic similarities in nature. Minute details mimic larger networks. Life perpetuates itself through growth, repetition, and metamorphosis. My process is a meditation on this propagating energy through organization of form. Using polymer clay and mixed media, the art resides in a gentle tension between order and chaos, organic and synthetic, seductive and repulsive, degradation and regeneration, micro and macro, all attempting to dispel the illusion of binaries.

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